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Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle

Whole food nutrition is building your nutrition on real and Whole Foods that your ancestors could recognize and grow from the Earth; using these foods to reach health and healing, or to support a healthy lifestyle.


Lifestyle modifications are changes in one’s everyday lifestyle that facilitate change towards individualized and/or group goals.

Primal Pattern Movement

& Nutrition

Primal Pattern Movement & Nutrition is exercise and nutrition programming based on movements and nutrition 

founded on movement patters and dietary choices necessary for survival in our environment, based on how humans have been functional beings since ancestral times.

Corrective Exercise
Corrective exercise is exercise or exercises designed to correct faulty movement patterns and/or postures; allowing for optimal movement patterns and postures

Corporate Wellness

Online or in-person programs and classes to incorporate nutritious movement, dietary practices, and mindfulness practices to increase health, longevity, and productivity to companies and the individuals that make them work. 

Pre & Post Operative Exercise

Pre-Operative Exercise and movement programs are designed to prepare individuals for surgical procedures, aiding in optimal surgical outcomes.

Post Operative Exercise and movement programs are designed to continue the rehabilitation process following a surgical procedure and/or physical therapy to assist healing and facilitate optimal post operative outcomes.

Dance Technique

Strengthening, corrective, and technique programs in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap for groups or individuals. 

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Prenatal Exercise and movement programs are individualized programs designed to prepare an expectant mother’s body and mind for the dynamic challenges of pregnancy and the birth process. 

Postnatal Exercise and movement programs are individualized programs designed to help new mothers heal and strengthen following the incredible journey of birth. 

If you are interested in learning more about these or other programs, please contact me to discuss how I may assist you .  This can be done virtually, over the phone, or in person.  Together, we can create a holistic plan that will help you to meet your goals.  

~ Ginger, The Ranger's Wife

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